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give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world
  • Matt Fincham: How many outfits did you bring? Honestly, Keeping in mind we're only gone for three days.
  • Nick Grimshaw: Well to start off I packed 5 pairs of swimming trucks.
  • Matt Fincham: You own 5 pairs of swimming trucks? Are you ok hun?
  • Nick Grimshaw: Yeah I have a swimming trucks drawer
"You’ve got Harry, who’s like, the perfect popstar, just born for it."

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One Direction are extremely excited to announce their 2014 stadium tour! 

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i remember when i was 5 i used to take dancing lessons and there was this kid in 7th grade who’d make fun of me and call me “gay” but the jokes on him because i gave his younger cousin a handjob at camp so who’s gay now

i think you’re still technically gay

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David Beckham and his sons get GOLD slimed after he accepts the 2014 KCS GOLDEN blimp!

i bet this is the color of his sperm.

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Tanning👌#holiday #tanning #sun #legs #pool #albufeira #portugal

Tanning👌#holiday #tanning #sun #legs #pool #albufeira #portugal